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Am I stressed?

In Random on February 24, 2012 at 10:44 pm


 I am staring at the rich, wine coloured wall that defines my living room. At the centre lies a painting so realistic, it makes me feel like I’m standing on the terrace of an old, two-floored building. The colours on the canvas compliment the red wine. And the lilac walls surrounding it are classy and low profile.

The guest room is green. The chequered wall is painted in four different shades of bright green. The wall in the master bedroom is green too. It is a deep fungus green with beige stripes. The other two beige walls tone the drama down to give the room a warm, earthy feel.

The last bedroom has a beautiful, textured wall in mango-yellow. And the bright, blood-red wall adjacent to it gives it tough competition.

So, my friend, which wall do you recommend I bang my head against?