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Wedding Cards and Scribbles

In Art, My Files on March 15, 2011 at 11:50 am

There were days when we used to look forward to our friends’ 18th birthdays (16th in some countries). Now, we look forward to their weddings.  As we reach the senior citizen bracket, we’ll dread their funerals.  (Ah… one down, five more to go!)

Well, I like this wedding chaos because now I get wedding cards with my name (Ms. K) on the envelope as opposed to “Mr & Mrs. XYZ and Fly” where I am a part of the Fly (family). Secondly, wedding cards drive me crazy because I love paper! It gives me an opportunity to use my golden marker on some great quality paper. Here are a few of my scribbles.

Before I reach my sixties, I am sure I’ll be witness to second and third weddings before we enter a world where marriages will be a fashionably outdated concept and weddings will be history.