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From Milk to Bread

In Education on May 2, 2011 at 1:18 pm

The infant is barely off its mamma’s breasts and it waddles to play school to socialize. Pre-primary greets the naïve creature with various lines and curves. He spends a lot of time trying to strike some correlation between two objects drawn on a piece of paper. The correlation begins with “A” for “Apple.” After 26 such correlations and a million similar attempted explanations, the child enters the next level of incomplete knowledge. Here, the child questions the system, “Of what use is this?” Nobody answers. The child climbs another ladder; with ease if he is extremely lucky. Several reference books, photocopied notes, copy pasted assignments and futile exams later he gets certified. Shortly after that, the child needs to prove to his future college authorities and employers that he is a citizen of the country and has endured the education system for the claimed number of years.

The youth, left with a bunch of certificates to earn their bread or peanuts maybe.


Screwed This Way or That!

In Dissecting Life on January 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

No Escape

If alcohol doesn’t screw you enough, smoking will. If smoking doesn’t, pollution will. If pollution doesn’t, processed foods will. If processed foods don’t, non-organic foods will. If non-organic foods don’t, allopathic drugs will. If allopathic drugs don’t, electromagnetic radiations will. If electromagnetic radiations don’t, stress will. If stress doesn’t, our politicians will. If our politicians don’t, terrorists will. If terrorists don’t, local criminals will. If local criminals don’t, our society will. If our society doesn’t, the education system will. If the education system doesn’t, your boss will. If your boss doesn’t, your spouse will. If your spouse doesn’t, inflation will. If inflation doesn’t, recession will. If recession doesn’t, you can always count on global warming.

If none of these seem like potential threats then you are screwed to begin with.

We seem to spend a considerable amount of our lives trying to reduce the probability of getting screwed one way but unknowingly get screwed the other. Throughout life, we are either watching our backs or shielding our fronts while constantly upgrading our strategy of survival. No escape, is there?