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In Your Words

In Random on May 2, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Motivation, agitation, instigation, inspiration, aggression, greed and bias can evoke a revolution if you are armed with words. So, if you want to effectuate change, being a good orator will help. He who has learned the art of grabbing ears has earned the opportunity to create a revolution by infusing a goal, an opinion, or an emotion into the listeners’ minds. He plants a clear thought that can be nurtured in brains of varying caliber. He plays around with the thought knowing or unknowingly. As a result, even the wisest man cheers with the crowd, curses with the crowd, prays with the crowd, sings the national anthem with the crowd and lets himself get carried away by the immense energy of the floating thought, intentionally dropped into the sea of minds by the speaker. The damage is done. The outcome of a Gandhi and that of an Adolf Hitler is yours to see.