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Which category of respect do you belong to?

In Minds and Mindsets on August 6, 2011 at 11:39 am

You fall into one of the four categories of respectful conduct.

#1 You respect when they “earn” respect.
#2 You respect until they “lose” respect.
#3 You respect everybody irrespective of whether they earn it or lose it.
#4 What’s respect?

If you belong to the first category, it means you respect nobody but few. The people you believe you respect are most likely your seniors, or of certain advantage to you or belong to the same category (team, belief system, locality, etc.) as you. In short, most of you are putting up with a lot of arse kissing, ego massaging and belief building.

If you belong to the second category, it means you respect everybody but few. You respect irrespective of age, sex, economic status, social status, race, ethnicity etc. You will respect until one does something that makes one unworthy of respect.

If you belong to the third category, it means you respect even the ones who have lost respect. Your motto- Respect, period. (Wow, you must be something!)

If you belong to the fourth category… never mind.

Point being, we don’t propagate unconditional respect the way we propagate unconditional love.