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I Miss Onions!

In My Files on January 12, 2011 at 4:37 pm


All I’ve been thinking of for the past few weeks is onions! The price of this underground wonder has doubled, leaving me terribly disappointed. Ever since the sharp rise, onions have disappeared from the plates and onion-based dishes have vanished from the menus of most small-time restaurants in my area. I have to make do with the teeny-tiny spring onions and shallots. It’s not bad, but shallots are definitely not the same as freshly cut onions sprinkled over grilled chicken and mutton kebabs. I miss the lovely, dark-pink, evil smelling bulbs that make you cry when you chop them and burn your tongue when you bite them. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the price hike so much had the vendor not given me pink, under-developed, globular objects under the pretext of selling onions.


Interestingly, not so long ago, I learnt that onions and lilies belonged to the same family– Liliaceae. When I first read this, I naturally went “But lilies smell so good!”  If body odor is anything to go by, there is no brotherhood brewing between lilies and onions. In the new classification however, onions belong to the Alliaceae family. Although onions and lilies belong to new families now, the sight of fresh, divine-smelling lilies doesn’t keep me from wondering what went wrong with the onions. Nevertheless, I love the stinky bulbs! I miss them! I’ll probably spiral into depression if my next order–deep fried spicy prawns–is not served on a bed of fresh, red onions rings.