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Dying a natural death on soil…

In Dissecting Life on February 1, 2012 at 6:03 pm

My body will dehydrate, slowly. The evaporated water will meet other water molecules to from clouds that you may admire through the window of your flight. Some water will settle as dew on the windows of an old cottage. A part of me will be absorbed by a tree. I will rise through its capillaries and find my way into the leaves. And while the sun shines, chlorophyll and I will create magic.

Several insects and animals will consume me and I may make myself useful in their digestive systems. The water that once moisturized every cell of mine, will find its place in the web of a spider or the venom of a snake.

My flesh and blood will break down. There will be reactions; bonding, un-bonding. A wide variety of bacteria will thrive on my decaying body. Nitrogen, which once graced my system, will find its place in the roots of legumes growing in the farms nearby. As years pass, the carbon in me will find a new home. Nature will decide whether I become a part of a lattice that forms graphite or the one that forms diamonds.

My minerals will nurture multiple lives. The iron I once owned will be extracted from a spinach leaf to become a part of an iron tablet that may be consumed by a to-be-mother. I’ll be absorbed into a brand new human life. Yet another part of me will find its place in the fetus of an expectant giraffe.

Scattered, I shall live. Dispersed, I will exist in every form of nature.

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Complex Meat Balls

In Dissecting Life on September 20, 2011 at 10:40 am

I woke up this morning realizing the lumps of mucus coated meat we were as we shimmied out of the cervix. Ousted by the womb– “Here are your eyes–courtesy beautiful mother, your nose– your dad’s to blame, your mouth, your limbs… Take it or leave it!”–we tried to tune ourselves to consciousness, unaware of the complexity of our physical self.

What’s with the complexity? Intelligent, but whatever happened to simplicity! It amazes me how well equipped we are with an immensely complex apparatus that accepts inputs and gives appropriate outputs, thanks to the multiple holes, pores, orifices, etc. That’s right; we can pass off as strainers. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to bud off our mothers or grow from a strand of hair or something along those lines to keep things simple. Or better still, paraglide down the skies. I must admit, I am glad human babies don’t crack out of external eggs, ‘cause if your eggs go missing the last thing you want to see is masala omelet on your neighbour’s breakfast table. “Is that…?!”

 Anyway, if I were to create life, I’d keep it simple. We’d function like a solar panel and be an assembly of detachable organs. Then we’d go to the stores and sound something like this, “I’d like a pair of blue and green eyes each, two packets of violet, curly hair please, and yeah, a pair of waxed legs… no, not those, the tanned, long ones.” It would be quite fascinating to see a new you each day–so Mystique. People would be so much happier with themselves and their spouses.

Look at the billion species on this planet for simplicity’s sake! Had we been well endowed with hair, we’d be chimps. Had we walked on our fours and resembled a bitter gourd, we’d pass off as crocks. Had we resembled a jelly nosed Pinocchio, we’d be certified elephants. Had we been detached, moderately running noses, trailing as we slid, we’d be called snails. In case of mobile goat droppings, we’d be called roaches. Come to think of it, creating a new species is like giving the sensory organs a new look. Truth is nobody can beat Lady Gaga! So why not keep it simple.

Because you are worth it! Aren’t you?

In Dissecting Life, Minds and Mindsets on February 10, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Scenario #1:  You are thrown into a group of unknown faces and asked to talk about yourself.

Limitations: None.

Challenge: Prove your worth.

Let’s see. You shake hands or drop in a “hi” or exchange smiles (warm or fake) depending on your style. You ask a series of questions about their work, their qualifications, their lifestyle and their interests. You take the opportunity to disclose your achievements, mention your university (especially if prestigious), highlight your qualifications, your hobbies, maybe talk about the family and their achievements and so on. From the information gathered you more or less figure out the pay cheque received by your opponent and you give them an idea about what you receive. Then, you switch to general topics, maybe current issues, and drop in a few jargons or argue over facts and figures (the “who knows more” discussions).  By the end of the session you impress a few while some manage to impress you. You know where you stand based on the image you’ve created in the room.

Scenario #2: You are thrown into a group of unknown faces and asked to talk about yourself.

Limitations: Do not disclose your age, your qualifications, your job description, your investments and your achievements. Do not use any jargons because that may give the opponent hints. Similarly, do not talk about interests that give hints about your lifestyle.

Challenge: Prove your worth.

Let’s see. Who are you?

Screwed This Way or That!

In Dissecting Life on January 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

No Escape

If alcohol doesn’t screw you enough, smoking will. If smoking doesn’t, pollution will. If pollution doesn’t, processed foods will. If processed foods don’t, non-organic foods will. If non-organic foods don’t, allopathic drugs will. If allopathic drugs don’t, electromagnetic radiations will. If electromagnetic radiations don’t, stress will. If stress doesn’t, our politicians will. If our politicians don’t, terrorists will. If terrorists don’t, local criminals will. If local criminals don’t, our society will. If our society doesn’t, the education system will. If the education system doesn’t, your boss will. If your boss doesn’t, your spouse will. If your spouse doesn’t, inflation will. If inflation doesn’t, recession will. If recession doesn’t, you can always count on global warming.

If none of these seem like potential threats then you are screwed to begin with.

We seem to spend a considerable amount of our lives trying to reduce the probability of getting screwed one way but unknowingly get screwed the other. Throughout life, we are either watching our backs or shielding our fronts while constantly upgrading our strategy of survival. No escape, is there?