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Another looong …

In My Files on December 24, 2011 at 1:56 pm

Another looong pause but I am back! Was down with exams; the drill —ten days, eleven subjects, fluctuating pulses and moments when your neurons refuse to connect. I didn’t detest it with a vengeance this time. Alas! Age has killed my passion!

Nevertheless, it was a neat wind up and I am looking forward to an eventful holiday. There are a few things I intend to accomplish this season. “Laughing my bloody lungs out no matter which way the wind blows!” is on top of my list. Think about it. If you need to depend on “great sense of humour” to crack up, you are leading a boring life. So this is going to be me laughing just for the love of laughter.

Then, I am going to be listening to a lot of music along with a lot of singing and foot stomping! Loads of it! Loud! Finally, there is going to be food. Experiments with food will be disclosed if and only if the results of “family testing” are positive.