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All-In! May the celebrations begin!

In Art on November 14, 2012 at 7:59 pm

I wanted to do something different this Diwali! I wanted to do justice to the “festival of lights!”

 So, I first got the lights in place.

outside the living room


I wanted to light up the mini temple at home so that the house looks more lively and ready for Diwali. I wanted to convert the temple to resemble the one down South. Now, most Kerala (India) temples have been carved out of stone. Each side of the temple has rectangular grids with lamps attached to it. These oil lamps are lit during sunset and adorn the temple throughout the evening.


an old Kerala temple


Well, our temple is made of wood and is attached to the wall and hence cannot sustain the weight of oil lamps. So I used a string of little light bulbs and taped them neatly into each box of the entire grid.


home Kerala temple


Next in line, the Rangoli!

Rangoli forms an important part of Diwali celebrations. Rangoli is made on the floor with coloured powder that is a little finer than salt. Once the outline is in place, several bright colours are used to fill the drawing up. Traditionally, the women of the house make floral patterns, birds, lamps and Hindu deities. But my friends and I went a little off track this time… :p




All in!



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I’m Back

In Art on May 6, 2012 at 11:32 pm

I’m back! Or at least I’m getting my hand moving! Ideally, I should have posted sixteen sketches by now (one per week) but that has clearly not happened. Maybe a sketch every two weeks is a more workable plan. For the time being I’ll leave you with another rough sketch. I plan to spend some more time working on animal figures.


NR #3

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NR #2

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Painted Tees etc.

In Art on January 21, 2012 at 7:42 pm

I just found pictures of my experiments with clothes and thought of sharing it. From what I remember, I’d painted many more but I don’t seem to have kept a record (grrr!).

 Boy, it’s been a while since I ripped my jeans, messed around with my shorts and painted my tees!

pant art






Chapter 2012

In Art on January 4, 2012 at 7:44 pm

Less philosophy, more work.

Adios post-a-week-2011! Welcome sketch-a-week-2012!

Yup! This year I get the hand working. Good or bad, fancy crap it’s all going to be up here. This does not mean I am going to stop writing. It just means I am going to start working on my art. I want to practice more, draw better, experiment and explore. What better way than to go public! That should ensure I don’t fall into the lazy trap!

Love it or hate it, here I go…

How We Painted Vi’s Wall

In Art, My Files on August 25, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Back home, after six long years of educating herself, my friend wanted her room to look bright and inviting, both for herself and the kids she provides therapy to. My job was to make that happen. This was our first time. Before experimenting, we thought it a good idea to get together and make a rough plan.


Wall1 Plan


wall plan

Wall2 Plan

From the plans you must’ve figured that Vi is a diehard green digger.

Fortunately, Vi didn’t want the paints to last forever and neither of us wanted to get into any scraping, primer formalities. So, the boring work went right out the window.

On a not-so-happening Saturday we planned to meet up somewhere and buy some paints from somewhere. We walked in unsure of what type of paints to ask for. On a random guy’s advice we settled for water based wall paints that dry in four hours flat. The colour palette didn’t have all the colours we were looking for, so, we replaced them with new colours. We bought a few brushes and rollers, drank some sugarcane juice and headed straight home. We also invited a few friends to help us out with the painting but only Hem seemed excited about an overnight project.

A bit of lazing, a glass of tang, a plate of pasta and a few television shows later we got the room ready for a makeover. By then the third member of the clan had arrived and we were ready to paint the town green.

First, we divided wall1 into four parts with a paper tape to get it ready for the four green stripes. The opposite wall didn’t look any different so I didn’t bother putting it up.


tapes on wall1



The first stroke at midnight


Two coats later, the base for wall2 is ready.



getting the colours ready for wall1



stripe1 down



stripe2 down

We stopped at 5:30 am and left the paints to dry. In the mean time we slept and got back to work at 9:30 am.


Next two stripes down!


Second coat, tapes off and here we are!


Next, we used buckets, bowls of varying sizes to create the pattern of circles on wall2. For very large circles, we used a rope as a rounder– used one end as the center and held a pencil at the other end.


painting the circles



painting some more circles



and some more

We applied a second coat to the circles and wound up at around 4:30 pm. I decided to leave the detailing for the next day ‘cause my hand was far from steady and I needed sleep.


Detailing begins with Vi’s sun sign—Pisces…



…followed by Vi’s favourite fruit – grapes…



…followed by Vi’s favourite dancing instrument- ghungroo.



Vi signs her wall



So do I!

We made a seperate section for handprints. Hem left us half way, so she has yet to leave her handprints. Anyway, this is what the completed wall looks like.



Back to Dancing

In Art, My Files on June 11, 2011 at 12:21 pm

I danced on stage after three years. I had almost forgotten what it felt like being on stage. The performance was so much fun! I wouldn’t call it a satisfying performance though, maybe because the process was devoid of the intension to excel and at the same time I had not painted a picture of what the final product should look like. The reason I began the jig was to go back and check if I really liked dancing they way I did in school. On second thought, it was getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between me and the couch. We were almost done blending into each other.

Just to set the record straight, I am not a phenomenal dancer. This experiment was not done to test whether I could move my limbs efficiently but whether I enjoyed moving them in the first place. So, a friend and I randomly joined a beginner’s batch. The batch had an assortment of people – teens, young office goers, mums and dads and so on. I walked in with no expectations but I was mildly excited at being choreographed again.  As always, I positioned myself in the last row. It’s a position I am most loyal to – last bench, last row. If found lurking in the front rows, I am parceled to the last row corner positions, benches and so on. Fair enough. I tend to block views vertically; not so much laterally. Anyway, I took the center, last row so I could watch and ape as instructed.

The first few days were like regular drills, not too exciting, not too boring. The workout sessions were challenging but not exhausting enough. So it was not quite the stress buster I was hoping it would be. I was bored. A few sessions later I learnt that it was very obvious from the way I conducted myself that I was uninterested. But by then the sessions had started gathering momentum. The workouts were more tiring and the dance more enjoyable. Yet, in the last few days the energy fizzled out. But communications between new friends were at its peak. There was more talking, planning, evaluating than dancing along with excitement about the final stage performance.

Come the final day, the performance was a pleasant breeze. The dance was short, simple and enjoyable. With about twenty five dancers occupying the stage, I was glad I was positioned in the second row mid-area. Yet, I had my doubts that my folks would spot me from their far-away seats. Honestly, I didn’t want them to attend the show but mum and dad seemed to want to watch it and my sis and bf seemed pretty excited about the performance. Well, they spotted me! Yayy!

Verdict: The more I dance, the more I enjoy it. If I were to rate this experience, I’d give it a 3/5.

Wedding Cards and Scribbles

In Art, My Files on March 15, 2011 at 11:50 am

There were days when we used to look forward to our friends’ 18th birthdays (16th in some countries). Now, we look forward to their weddings.  As we reach the senior citizen bracket, we’ll dread their funerals.  (Ah… one down, five more to go!)

Well, I like this wedding chaos because now I get wedding cards with my name (Ms. K) on the envelope as opposed to “Mr & Mrs. XYZ and Fly” where I am a part of the Fly (family). Secondly, wedding cards drive me crazy because I love paper! It gives me an opportunity to use my golden marker on some great quality paper. Here are a few of my scribbles.

Before I reach my sixties, I am sure I’ll be witness to second and third weddings before we enter a world where marriages will be a fashionably outdated concept and weddings will be history.