My Aunt’s Castle

In My Files on July 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Image:  Zeppelubil / Th. Haft / Torgau

There are two absolute truths in my life—my aunt is a billionaire and she is always sixteen.

My aunt, whom we (the nieces and nephews) lovingly call “Boo,” built a castle, costing a few billion dollars, somewhere in the late 1980s. The castle was named “Kyfam.” Kyfam had over a hundred rooms with each room aesthetically and ergonomically designed to suit the needs of her nieces and nephews. The unique selling proposition of Kyfam was that every room was monochrome. Every single element in a room strictly adhered to the colour code of that room. So, the Blue room had a blue door with a blue bed, blue curtains, blue tiles, blue commode, blue basin as well as blue toiletries. Name it and it was blue. Similarly, each room adorned a different shade. The bright white castle split into 100 different shades, as though it had just travelled through a prism.

Throughout our childhood, Boo bragged about her fortune. She did this to earn our loyalty and I must say it worked. After all, she was much richer than her three brothers put together. Besides, all we wanted from life was to be an integral part of Kyfam.

A few years after Kyfam was built, we grew up.  We discovered that the reason Rome wasn’t built in a day was because Boo turned down the offer. That’s right! It barely took her a few seconds to build Kyfam. The name was crafted with the initials of my grandpa and grandma “K” and “Y” respectively and “fam”— short for family. That was around the time we learnt what they meant by “building castles in the air.”

Nonetheless, out of all Boo’s creations, Kyfam is her master masterpiece (so far). On the pillars of our imagination stands our family heritage Kyfam, the greatest gift an aunt can give her children and a gift our children will inherit. She is still the youngest billionaire we know. 🙂

P.S.: The rooms also ensured that your pee and poo adhered to the colour code. That was, by the way, the most fascinating and magical part!


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