Dying a natural death on soil…

In Dissecting Life on February 1, 2012 at 6:03 pm

My body will dehydrate, slowly. The evaporated water will meet other water molecules to from clouds that you may admire through the window of your flight. Some water will settle as dew on the windows of an old cottage. A part of me will be absorbed by a tree. I will rise through its capillaries and find my way into the leaves. And while the sun shines, chlorophyll and I will create magic.

Several insects and animals will consume me and I may make myself useful in their digestive systems. The water that once moisturized every cell of mine, will find its place in the web of a spider or the venom of a snake.

My flesh and blood will break down. There will be reactions; bonding, un-bonding. A wide variety of bacteria will thrive on my decaying body. Nitrogen, which once graced my system, will find its place in the roots of legumes growing in the farms nearby. As years pass, the carbon in me will find a new home. Nature will decide whether I become a part of a lattice that forms graphite or the one that forms diamonds.

My minerals will nurture multiple lives. The iron I once owned will be extracted from a spinach leaf to become a part of an iron tablet that may be consumed by a to-be-mother. I’ll be absorbed into a brand new human life. Yet another part of me will find its place in the fetus of an expectant giraffe.

Scattered, I shall live. Dispersed, I will exist in every form of nature.

Image: SweetCrisis / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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