Men and better drivers!? That too on Indian roads!?

In Minds and Mindsets on August 7, 2011 at 10:40 am

One breezy evening, my friends and I parked our butts on a concrete slab in our building compound. As we chit-chatted, we saw a young lady trying to park her car into her parking slot. The slot had a car parked on one side and low walls on the other two. While she was getting ready to park, we realized that it was the same lady who had attempted to park a minute ago but aborted the attempt when another car honked at her for blocking the narrow lane. (Yes, it’s normal to honk your ass off in India.) Freaked out, the lady drove round the building and came back to her original spot. Now calmer and ready to park, she slowly reversed into the slot and parked her car perfectly! While she was performing this task a friend exclaimed, “Say whatever you like, but women are dumb drivers!”

Alright, let’s assume that women are not-so-intelligent drivers. But guess who’ve been driving sluggish taxis on fast lanes? Men! Guess who’ve been driving on the slow lanes as though they are F1 racing tracks? Men! Guess who’ve been driving auto rickshaws as though traffic rules never existed in India? Men! Guess who’ve been driving BMWs and Mercedes as though they are derivatives of auto rickshaws? Men! Guess who’ve been driving trucks and buses as though they are, indisputably, motorbikes? Men! Guess who’ve been riding motorbikes as though the rest of the vehicles don’t exist? Men! Guess who’ve been perpetually abusing those very men and rashly overtaking them in a fit of rage? Men!

Wow! That must be man’s  dazzling display of intelligence!


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