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The Complexity of Butterflies and Destinies

In Dissecting Life on March 28, 2011 at 5:01 pm


Our world is a complex system. In the midst of this complexity, if someone tells you that the flapping wings of the dainty butterfly in your garden is capable of setting tornados into motion (The Butterfly Effect- Chaos Theory), you’d think he needs a therapist. But if there is any truth in what he is saying, the smallest actions such as batting you eyelids can have outsized, unrelated, and unexpected consequences. The theory alerts us that the most insignificant occurrences in nature are not inconsequential. An infinitesimal action gathers momentum over a period of time to change the face of our delusionary “controlled system” of living. It makes life look like a joke; a complex version of The Truman Show.

If a butterfly can change weathers, I can prevent an epidemic by spending my evenings swatting flies. If you look at the events closely, you will notice that something as harmless as flapping a pair of wings can create a disastrous tornado while something as cruel as killing a fly can prevent large scale deaths. A seemingly insignificant event may be positive or negative (based on regular human moral standards) but that may not really have anything to do with the positivity or negativity of the situation that arises out of it.

If little things can lead to large things then probably large things can lead to much larger things, which is ultimately a collection of little things. So, can the motion of massive planets across the universe affect our insignificant existence? If the moon can cause changes in tide, it would be foolish to rule out the changes it can bring about within us. Maybe there is more to astrology than meets our eye. The birth date could be just a point of reference, an initial condition or a value to understand what moved in what direction to create what changes over what period of time. These external events could have created very basic changes such as temperature changes, mood changes, and radiations thus affecting human interactions, hormonal changes, or even perceptions to create the life pattern. This pattern can probably be graphed if life can be expressed as a combination of variables, measurements and forces. It can also be loosely labeled as “destiny”. Our story is probably a collection of external and internal events that naturally lead to actions, behaviors and reactions. But we believe that these actions, behaviors and reactions are of our own doing, will or choice. Maybe because there are so many factors affecting one little life, a prediction can never ever be accurate. But only human beings predict. Nature doesn’t have to calculate. The outcome is definite.

The movie 127 hours, highlights the outcome of an action (or actions) beautifully. At a certain point, in the movie, Aron Ralston seems to be convinced that the situation he is trapped in is an outcome of very simple, basic acts that he habitually performed. Aron says, “This rock has been waiting for me my entire life. Its entire life, ever since it was a bit of meteorite a million, billion years ago. In space. It’s been waiting, to come here. Right, right here. I’ve been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, every breath that I’ve taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the out surface.” Personally, it was heart wrenching to watch this man reach a moment of “realization” or “repentance” (depends on whether you think his actions were neutral or negative) and accept that he created the very thing he was trapped in. It was an incident waiting to happen; destined to happen ever since he was born.


I Refuse To Buy Your Product Bugger!

In Random on March 25, 2011 at 2:55 pm

After a mind-numbing day at work I always hope to listen to decent music on the radio. I keep flipping the channels and am greeted by RJs. Some sound furious, some sound excited, some sound unconcerned, some sound terribly bored and some try to get the accent right. If the RJs are not rambling, the channels are playing ads. I flip, flip, flip… It’s a long wait before I hear the sound of music.

After crawling through severe traffic, I hope to catch up on some entertaining shows on television; something funny or anything that has a substantial script or a sensible storyline. That’s hard to find alright! But when I do find it, I have to deal with the following pattern:

8:00-8:05 PM   Show
8:05-8:10 PM   Advertisements
8:10-8:15 PM   Show
8:15-8:20 PM   Advertisements
8:20-8:25 PM  Show
8:25-8:30 PM   Advertisements

Fifteen minutes of absolute nonsense infused in a thirty minute show (possibly nonsense) is like maneuvering my mind through unnecessary garbage.

I am expected to watch some pretty woman dance with a bar of soap or watch her facial polka dots disappear magically or watch a picture perfect guy spray aerosols accompanied by a “come to bed with me” look. Alright, I will watch it. Let me assure you I get the point the first time around. Do you really need me to watch it over and over and over again? It’s another story if you’ve come up with an intelligent ad, or a hilarious one or a simple, classy one or just an artistic one. I’d like to thank you for being kind to your viewers. But I’m sorry I can’t laugh at the same jokes or appreciate your work or be amused by your product thrice in a span of five minutes. Moreover, ads played back-to-back are very unpleasant. “Buy my product. I repeat, buy my product!”

If our government were to ban the products that mentioned hypothetical (and fancy) “active agents” present in it such as cooling crystals, hair root healing agents, whitening pearls, growth agents etc., it would spell doomsday for most brands. Researches probably watch this stuff and laugh their guts out -“Whitening pearls! Are you kidding me?”

We desperately need new generation televisions with algorithms that can tide over ads. Probably go mute when ads pop up or switch to another channel in a pre-saved list. Even truncate ads and append one part of the show to the other, if required. This way, advertisers will have to find other methods to bother us. Until then, I’ve decided that if an ad troubles me too often, I shall not purchase their product and services. It’s my way of saying- “I don’t give you the liberty to irritate me endlessly when I switch on the TV to entertain myself and de-stress. I shall ban your product in return.”

Wedding Cards and Scribbles

In Art, My Files on March 15, 2011 at 11:50 am

There were days when we used to look forward to our friends’ 18th birthdays (16th in some countries). Now, we look forward to their weddings.  As we reach the senior citizen bracket, we’ll dread their funerals.  (Ah… one down, five more to go!)

Well, I like this wedding chaos because now I get wedding cards with my name (Ms. K) on the envelope as opposed to “Mr & Mrs. XYZ and Fly” where I am a part of the Fly (family). Secondly, wedding cards drive me crazy because I love paper! It gives me an opportunity to use my golden marker on some great quality paper. Here are a few of my scribbles.

Before I reach my sixties, I am sure I’ll be witness to second and third weddings before we enter a world where marriages will be a fashionably outdated concept and weddings will be history.

Women’s Day Special

In Random on March 8, 2011 at 3:48 pm


Today is Women’s Day and I want to write something about them. I don’t want to write about peacemakers and businesswomen and strong women and moms and grannies and all of that serious or cute stuff. I’ve just randomly picked five women (or group) that I’d like to say a line or two about.

Penelope Pitstop: All this woman has to do is get her make up right, bat her eyelashes and scream “Help!”  And we have seven men running to her rescue!

Pamela Anderson: She doesn’t even have to bat those lashes!

Powerpuff Girls: They don’t get infected by spiders. They don’t wear their undergarments over their super- heroine costumes. They don’t waste their time chasing jokers. Need I say more?

Lady Gaga: Is it an ogre? Is it a tumor? No. It’s Lady Gaga! Admit it! This woman is unbeatable!

Savita Bhabhi: (You were’nt hoping I’d give you a link here, now, were you?) I didn’t think two dimensional women could be so powerful. Nevertheless, I congratulate her for everything she has done and wish her all the very best for everything she wishes to do in future.

Okay. So, we are fat, thin, long, short and everything in between. We are created in various shapes, numbers and alphabets. We are capable of loving colors apart from black and blue. We are the greatest inspiration and the worst distraction man will ever come across. Deal with it!