Post A Week 2011

In My Files on January 7, 2011 at 11:12 am

This is my very first post on WordPress and I’ve taken up the Post a Week challenge to keep myself motivated throughout 2011! Had it not been for the challenge, I wouldn’t be here.

At the moment, I am very excited and nervous. This year I plan to churn out random posts until I find a topic or issue that I would really like to focus on. Through this week I’ll be getting myself familiar with the dashboard! So don’t be surprised if my blog looks new each time you walk in. I’ve not updated the About Me page either.  Yes, I’m embarrassed. But it’ll be ready in a week’s time. I mean, naming my blog was tedious enough ‘cause all the names are taken. It required quite a bit of brain racking before I could come up with “Neuro-Rhythm”. Why “Neuro-Rhythm”? Well, one’s brain extends connections to various parts of one’s body to generate patterns in color, sound or words, which I would like to call “rhythm,” however random the expression.

Anyway, good luck to all the bloggers who’ve taken up the Post a Day (wow!!) and Post a Week challenges. Cheers!

  1. Welcome to WordPress!

    I’m thinking of doing the once a week challenge as well. My posts were so scarce last year.

    Good luck!

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