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Screwed This Way or That!

In Dissecting Life on January 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

No Escape

If alcohol doesn’t screw you enough, smoking will. If smoking doesn’t, pollution will. If pollution doesn’t, processed foods will. If processed foods don’t, non-organic foods will. If non-organic foods don’t, allopathic drugs will. If allopathic drugs don’t, electromagnetic radiations will. If electromagnetic radiations don’t, stress will. If stress doesn’t, our politicians will. If our politicians don’t, terrorists will. If terrorists don’t, local criminals will. If local criminals don’t, our society will. If our society doesn’t, the education system will. If the education system doesn’t, your boss will. If your boss doesn’t, your spouse will. If your spouse doesn’t, inflation will. If inflation doesn’t, recession will. If recession doesn’t, you can always count on global warming.

If none of these seem like potential threats then you are screwed to begin with.

We seem to spend a considerable amount of our lives trying to reduce the probability of getting screwed one way but unknowingly get screwed the other. Throughout life, we are either watching our backs or shielding our fronts while constantly upgrading our strategy of survival. No escape, is there?


Hope? Hopeless? Hopelessly In Hope?

In Dissecting Life on January 18, 2011 at 3:51 pm

HopeHope comes with no guarantees yet it is this abstract noun that your entire life revolves around. Hope is driven purely by the desire to be in a better position in the near future, but it is not a confirmation that you will be in a better position. Hope projects an appealing vision that can help you crawl through time. But it makes no promises whatsoever. Despite being so unreliable, hope sees us through the good and bad times.

My greed gives me hope because it helps me visualize what life would be if I had it all. My competitiveness gives me hope because it forces me to imagine what life would be if I won it all. My generosity gives me hope, for I can picture what life could be like for others if I gave it all away. My fear makes me hope that I will be safe and well protected someday. When I close my eyes and see myself happy, I know how I want to be. This knowledge, this desire gives me hope– “I hope I eradicate my misery!” Hope is the temptation that makes me want to work harder to get what I want or what I think I want.

Sometimes I “hope” when I have given up; I am done fighting. I “hope” that things get better when I’ve lost control of a situation; I have a feeling that this is as good as it gets. You reach this point when you know that things cannot possibly get any better and you call out to something that can set it right. Something out-of-the-normal, perhaps a set of random occurrences, that can put life back on track.

Hope leaves most of us in a state of “maybe” or “you never know”.  Maybe things will get better. You never know what’s in store for you. Maybe this is how it was “meant to be”. You never know which door will open up for you. We also console ourselves with “this is my destiny” or “everything happens for a reason” or “you must have faith” or “you got to be at the right place at the right time”. All these statements essentially boil down to– “I don’t know!” 

The “I don’t knows” in my life makes hope non-existent. I cannot dabble in the “maybe-maybe not” see-saw. I’d rather sit back and tell myself, “I don’t know what’s in store for me.” But I know what I want. I want every moment to give me enough reasons to laugh my lungs out. If life does not present me with those reasons, I shall create them myself. Sure I care about tomorrow but I am not scared of tomorrow. So, “Bring it on!”

I Miss Onions!

In My Files on January 12, 2011 at 4:37 pm


All I’ve been thinking of for the past few weeks is onions! The price of this underground wonder has doubled, leaving me terribly disappointed. Ever since the sharp rise, onions have disappeared from the plates and onion-based dishes have vanished from the menus of most small-time restaurants in my area. I have to make do with the teeny-tiny spring onions and shallots. It’s not bad, but shallots are definitely not the same as freshly cut onions sprinkled over grilled chicken and mutton kebabs. I miss the lovely, dark-pink, evil smelling bulbs that make you cry when you chop them and burn your tongue when you bite them. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the price hike so much had the vendor not given me pink, under-developed, globular objects under the pretext of selling onions.


Interestingly, not so long ago, I learnt that onions and lilies belonged to the same family– Liliaceae. When I first read this, I naturally went “But lilies smell so good!”  If body odor is anything to go by, there is no brotherhood brewing between lilies and onions. In the new classification however, onions belong to the Alliaceae family. Although onions and lilies belong to new families now, the sight of fresh, divine-smelling lilies doesn’t keep me from wondering what went wrong with the onions. Nevertheless, I love the stinky bulbs! I miss them! I’ll probably spiral into depression if my next order–deep fried spicy prawns–is not served on a bed of fresh, red onions rings.

Post A Week 2011

In My Files on January 7, 2011 at 11:12 am

This is my very first post on WordPress and I’ve taken up the Post a Week challenge to keep myself motivated throughout 2011! Had it not been for the challenge, I wouldn’t be here.

At the moment, I am very excited and nervous. This year I plan to churn out random posts until I find a topic or issue that I would really like to focus on. Through this week I’ll be getting myself familiar with the dashboard! So don’t be surprised if my blog looks new each time you walk in. I’ve not updated the About Me page either.  Yes, I’m embarrassed. But it’ll be ready in a week’s time. I mean, naming my blog was tedious enough ‘cause all the names are taken. It required quite a bit of brain racking before I could come up with “Neuro-Rhythm”. Why “Neuro-Rhythm”? Well, one’s brain extends connections to various parts of one’s body to generate patterns in color, sound or words, which I would like to call “rhythm,” however random the expression.

Anyway, good luck to all the bloggers who’ve taken up the Post a Day (wow!!) and Post a Week challenges. Cheers!